Logitech g935 wireless gaming headset review

Logitech g935 wireless gaming headset review 

Hello friends welcome to our new blog review today we are going to talk about logitech g935 wireless gaming headset according to big gamers and my experience logitech g935 wireless gaming headset is a very good gaming headset using it for 4 months I found the best thing about it is that its battery life is very good and we can charge it while using it.

logitech g935 wireless headset

logitech g935 wireless headset review

Connectivity                 Wireless
Audio                              93 dB
Connector                     3.5mm Jack
Special Feature            Microphone Included

This is the most advanced quality headset of Logitech G. This headset will make your gaming experience more perfect.

Inside it provides you 2.4 GHz sound which will develop your gaming skills very much, you can change its gaming life according to your gaming environment, it supports Windows 7 and you can download its software easily. can also get g hub you can access internet in it this is an alternative format Yadi if you are using it at home then it gives its range up to 15 meters outdoor its range is up to 20 meters if you use it without lighting LED light then it can do continuous gaming for about 12 hours

My experience using this headset

logitech g935 wireless headset

Actually i like this headset because it is light as compared to other headsets and there is no problem in wearing it its audio quality and mic quality is very good it has given feature which i like it very much I can hear my voice easily with the help of my wearing it because I like to do it While using it, I tried to charge it, then I did not face any problem and it started charging easily, I have installed it according to my setting, uninstalled the office software once and reinstalled it and I used it Received it as a very good headset, while using this handset, I felt very comfortable with my game experience, I have only one complaint with it. that its sound is a bit low but it is probably its sound has been reduced a bit not to damage hearing power and it catches range for longer distance than headset and i can check its range at different places in my floor I use it, I find it a great and good headset for gamers, talk about its battery, it is very good, because I am a full time gamer, so I have used it continuously for 8 hours. In which I did not face any problem of battery life, if it comes to you after many years in battery problem, then you do not even need to see it, you can easily change its battery, which is provided by logitech, all these It is evident from the things that this headset is a very good gaming headset using which your gaming skills are going to be more perfect then you can buy it thanks

People also ask ❓

Is G935 good for gaming? (Are Logitech G935 good?)

According to my gaming experience logitech G935 is a good and best headset which is capable of making your gaming experience better according to me you should buy this because I have used it from last 4 months and I got good results if you Apart from this, if you are any other virgin, then you can go to amazon.com and talk to the service customer of its Max company and if you feel any problem inside it, then you can contact amazon.com by going to logitech's profile, contact their customer service and express your problem, they will surely solve your problem.

Can G935 be used without wireless?

You can use it because inside it you get two modes, which are wireless on and wireless off option, so you can easily use it by turning off the virus

Does Logitech G935 have noise Cancelling?

This is a very good question which must have come in the mind of every gamer Logitech noise canceling? If it does or not, then let me tell you that the Logitech headset cancels the extra sound in a very good way and provides you a better quality audio so that you can easily hear the smallest gaming movement. One of the great features of the Logitech is that it doesn't allow unwanted sound to reach your ears and destroys it beforehand.

Does the Logitech G935 have a mic?

In Logitech headset, you get two modes, wireless on and wireless off, in wireless on, you get RGB lights, microphone and mic, all three, when the battery is low, the brightness of the lights decreases, even in wireless off, you can use the mic in the logitech headset. You get the option of mic in both the modes, which you can easily use according to yourself.

Can G935 connect to Iphone?

If you want to connect it to your iPhone, you will not be able to connect it because it does not have Bluetooth facility inside it, it connects wirelessly to the computer through USB port, yes there is a way through which you can connect it to your iPhone. which you can attach to your mobile phone using 3.5mm jack it will depend on your model which iphone you have and what type of jack you may need

Does G935 have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth connectivity is not found in Logitech G935, you cannot connect it to your mobile phone or any other device via Bluetooth, for this you will need a USB wireless portal, from which you can easily connect it to your computer PC.

Is Logitech G935 good for music?

If you are a music lover, you are also thinking that it is good to get a headset , then you can use it because what goes into using it, such a headset is used to listen to each and every movement of the game. If you use it, you will hear every movement in the song and the words of the song, clear and beautiful

Does Logitech G935 work with PS4?

This gaming headset is designed for PC and PS4, but you can also use it with 3.5mm audio jack, in which you can attach Xbox and your mobile phone, where PS4 is concerned, you can connect it to PS4 can be used easily

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